Cafe Hours
Mon-Fri: 7am – 2pm (Kitchen 8am – 1.30pm)
Sat/Sun: 9am – 2pm (Kitchen 9am – 1.30pm)
Ph: 415.642.4822

Organic Strauss Farm Yogurt, Granola and Fruit 9

Egg, Bacon and Cheese Sandwich on Croissant or Baguette 13
 House Potatoes or Mixed Greens 

Fritatta 11
 Potatoes, Eggs, Onion, Mixed Greens 

Quiche 11
Daily Selection, Mixed Greens

Scrambled Eggs (Spinach, Tomatoes, Caramelized Onions) 12
 House Potatoes or Mixed Greens 

Eggs Benedict (Smoked Salmon, Bacon or Spinach) 15
 House Potatoes or Mixed Greens   Side of Bacon 4 | Toast, Butter and Jam 2 | Cup of Fruit 3 

Today’s Soup 7

Salad 10
 Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Hearts of Palm, Cucumber, Olives  Add: Tuna 3, Feta 2, Chicken 4, Boiled Egg 2

Sandwich 10
 Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto on Baguette  Add: Tuna 3, Chicken 4, Cup of Soup 3, Bacon 3

Mimosa or Sangria: Glass 5 | Liter 20

Plus a wide selection of coffee, beer and wine, refreshers